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Big A vs. little a agile

Big A vs. little a agile has been mentioned a lot at my company lately. I just heard one of our executives bring it up this week, fortunately she understood the difference. When we started our transformation at HMSA, the agile coaches intentionally chose to use "Agile" instead of "agile" in all of our communications and branding. It wasn't too much of a sticking point, but the idea was that we would be teaching teams and leadership the dogmatic processes (big A Agile) to lead them to find the deeper reasoning, principals, values behind them (little a agile). We would look forward to the day when the company became more self aware in the pursuit of agility and we would revise our campaign to agile from Agile. However, I've heard the two distinctions misused or even reversed. So, just to get us all on the same are a few articles we can align on:

Tobias Mayer's Post on the subject

here's a tweet by Jeff Patton on the subject

And if you want to get deeper into Tobias Mayer's recent thought process on the organisational evolution mindset, check out the video below.  I've forwarded to a good part half way through that is relevant to this post.  Its worth watching from the beginning if you have time though 🙂

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