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    Where are you from? Where do you work? Are you practicing Scrum?

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    I guess I should start… I’m originally from the Bay Area and have been living/working in Hawaii since 2009. I worked for Hawaiian Airlines for several years as a Product Manager and Program Manager over the website and initiated their Agile transformation. I am now at HMSA as the company’s first Scrum Master and Agile Coach. We are practicing Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, and SAFe patterns at HMSA.

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    Aloha! I’m originally from the Washington D.C. area, but most recently lived in Seattle, WA. While in Seattle, I worked for a cruise line company as a scrum master. I helped them with their Agile transformation, and led their web application department in building a new and modern website using Scrum. Currently, I work for a small IT consulting company that specializes in data insights and building web app tools for Microsoft.

    My current job has allowed me to move to Hawaii and work remotely, so I’m excited to join the Agile community here. In my experience, many companies are still slow to catch on to the concepts and benefits of “doing work” in Agile, so I’m excited to share my experiences and help evangelize Agile in Hawaii.



    I’m Joelle, originally from France, lived in IL before HI.
    I would qualify myself as an antiquity in the world of web programming (yes, I started in the 90s and yes, I had a dial-in connection at home before DSL reached my apartment).
    I Worked with XP / Pair programming for a company that makes big yellow machines before working in Hawaii with SCRUM lords šŸ™‚ and I’m now a SAFe agilist wannabe.
    Oh, and I’m working for one of the big healthcare insurance provider on Oahu.

    BTW – This Hanauma Bay pic is awesome and this blog needs more participants and updates!!! He he he…



    Iā€™m originally from Germany, lived in the Bay Area for 17 years and moved to O’ahu in late 2015. My background is in Product Development and Program Management in consumer electronics, content and mobile apps. I was with LeapFrog for a long time and initiated their Agile transformation in the Content department, expanding it to non-technical teams.
    Now working as a consultant, I advise independent Agile coaches on content strategy and business development. I am active in the Hawai’i startup community as mentor and co-organizer.

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