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    This might be repetitive or known information to some, but for those that are new to Agile and Scrum, here are some links and other information to help you better understand the concepts of Agile.

    *links and resources to be provided*



    Before explaining “Agile”, it’s important to know what “waterfall” (i.e. traditional) project management is

    The root of “waterfall”/traditional project management is from manufacturing, engineering, or construction-related work, where certain dependent steps must be followed in a certain order to properly build something.

    For example, if you’re building a house, some of the fundamental areas are: build the foundation, then the framing for the structure of the house, and then the roof. When building a house, you cannot build the roof before the foundation or the framing because then the roof would not be supported by anything, which is why building a house must be done in a particular order (waterfall).

    For all of the dependent steps in building a house, imagine each step looked like a terrace/cascade/step in a waterfall. Starting at the top of the waterfall, completing a step will “fall down” to the next step in the waterfall to be worked on until you have reached the final steps at the bottom. This is the method of work that coined the term “waterfall” project management.

    Challenges with Waterfall- “Agile” is the solution!

    *to be filled in*

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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